Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment

How do you know what to consider when purchasing medical equipment? There are different aspects to consider in selecting medical supplies and medical equipment. It is not an easy task because of the wide variety of products available. Choosing quality medical supplies and medical equipment should be given thought and attention as you may end up with inappropriate items. Supplies may be deemed inappropriate if they are incompatible with the existing equipment, or if accessories and spare parts are no longer available.

The term medical supplies refer to items that are replaced on a regular basis. It can be classified into three categories; disposables, expendables and reusable items. Disposables are single use items like syringes and needles while consumables are items that can be used within a short span of time like laboratory stains, cotton wools and tape. Reusable items, on the other hand, are items that can be utilized in a limited amount of time such as thermometers and catheters. Medical equipment in contrast consists of durable items that can last for several years and are considered to be capital equipment. Examples of medical equipment include examination tables, beds, microscopes, weighing scales, sterilizers, and bedpans. In purchasing medical supplies and equipment, it is best to label items to help set priorities. There are items that are vital to health services, as well as items that are considered beneficial but are not quite critical and lastly, things that are only used for minor issues. Placing medical supplies and medical equipment in these categories will help in focusing on which items to purchase, especially if there are limited funds.

Once you determine which items are vital and essential, the next thing to consider would be the appropriateness of the items. For instance, equipment should not be replaced just because there are newer models available in the market. Some items are too technically complicated so it is best to consult with a member of the facility who is familiar with using the apparatus. A spare or replacement part, on the other hand, should be compatible with the existing equipment. Another thing to take into consideration is quality. If the item is expected to be used frequently for a long period, then it should be considered an investment and it is advised to purchase one of exceptionally high quality. Ask the manufacturer about the maintenance information and life span expectancy of medical equipments before purchase. Check the labels and packaging of any item for storage instructions and expiration dates for medical supplies.

It is also necessary to scout high-quality manufacturers. Only buy supplies and equipment from licensed, reliable and reputable sources. It is best to ask the supplier for their safety standards and performance warranties before completing any purchase. As a tip, it is more cost-effective to purchase new equipment rather than used, as used equipment has a much more limited life span. Apart from the manufacturer, the facility should also be checked to make sure that it has the utilities required to use the item. Also, inquire if the staff has the knowledge to manage, clean and maintain the medical supplies and medical equipment. Consult the training and service manuals if necessary.

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