Monday, September 10, 2012

Romney Revises Health Reform Message

In an interview yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney told host David Gregory, "I'm not getting rid of all of healthcare reform."  Although that statement appears to differ from the campaign’s earlier messages that the candidate would "repeal Obamacare," the Romney campaign clarified that this is not a change in position.

The Governor still intends to repeal the Act, but plans to re-implement certain aspects, noting that "there are a number of things that I like in healthcare reform that I'm going to put in place.”  Romney identified ensuring that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage, providing access to coverage for unemployed people, and enabling families to be able to insure members, including children, for an indefinite period as provisions in the current law with which he agrees. He also explained that he wants “individuals to be able to buy insurance, health insurance, on their own as opposed to only being able to get it on a tax advantage basis through their company."
In response, according to The Washington Post, the President Obama’s campaign asserted that these statements do not reflect the Governor’s plan entirely. Rather, the campaign said that Governor Romney’s plan would cover preexisting conditions only for individuals who have been continuously insured. Those who have never had private coverage or who have lost it due to unemployment would not be covered for preexisting conditions. The Post also reports that independent health-care analysts have found that Romney’s plan to cover preexisting conditions would not be viable if the law does not require an individual mandate, which the GOP opposes.


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