Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get covered! Young adults can under House plan

You’ve probably heard by now that young adults are one of the age groups in our nation that have a high uninsured rate. To combat this problem, the House health care reform legislation, which is currently being finalized, will include a provision that will allow young adults up to age 26 to have access to their parents’ health insurance plans.
In a recent press conference with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Assistant to the Speaker Chris Van Hollen, and representatives from major youth advocacy groups, Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper (D-PA3) recently announced that the House’s health care reform bill will include a provision based on her original legislation, The Young Adults Healthcare Coverage Act of 2009.
“The Young Adult Health Care Coverage Act is a no-cost, common-sense solution to this nationwide problem. Giving young adults the option of staying on their parents’ health care coverage while they move in and out of school and jobs is a simple solution to give them support and stability during this very volatile time of their lives,” Dahlkemper said.
Thirty states already have an extended dependent health care coverage option, according to Dahlkemper’s press release. (For more information about these state laws, Wolters Kluwer subscribers can take a look at ¶10,715 in the Employee Benefits Management Guide). Dahlkemper’s legislation creates continuity in the national health care system, so young adults from every state will have the option to retain coverage under their parents’ plans.
“The Young Adult Health Care Coverage provision is a critical piece of the overall health care puzzle that will help reduce costs, expand quality, affordable health care to all Americans,” she noted at the press conference.


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