Monday, October 5, 2009

SFC health reform vote set for Tuesday?

Some news outlets are reporting that the Senate Finance Committee will vote Tuesday on its amended version of the America's Health Future Act of 2009. That may be optimistic (CBO must first score the amended version), but a vote this week is likely.

Here's the amended version of the Chairman's mark. Changes are redlined, so it's easy to spot the provisions that didn't survive the Committee's marathon mark-up sessions. Apparently there are a few mistakes in the redlined version (could Senate staffers have gotten much sleep in recent days?) so check out these technical corrections as well.

Interested in some pre-game analysis of the final Committee vote? Pundits have viewed Senator Snowe's vote as critical for some time, while others now view Senator Lincoln (D-AR) as a bellwether for the ultimate endorsement of the plan by centrist Democrats.


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