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Guide to Renting Student Accommodation

This will be more than likely the first time you will encounter private rented accommodation and although this sounds like a simple process to follow there are several important decisions you will have to make before you gather all your belongings and move in.

What Kind of Student Accommodation is Available?

There are many types of student accommodation available for you to choose from, each having advantages and disadvantages. For first year students the popular choice will be halls of residence, this gives students time to settle into their new environment and make friends. One of the main advantages of halls of residence is that the majority will offer rent inclusive of bills which allows you to concentrate on studying and meeting new people.

Other options also include house/flat sharing which are predominantly occupied by 2nd or 3rd year students who are a bit more experienced. One of the main advantages on house or flat sharing is freedom and private space. Halls of residence can be very short on space and there can be more distractions as you are living with more people, with a house share you have more privacy and more importantly the ultimate freedom of living in your own house. This comes at a price however with more responsibility with utility bills, landlord checks, and general maintenance. In addition you will need to be more considerate and conscious about your own living habits.

If you are struggling to find people to live with or have simply left it a bit late then you can rent a room in a privately owned property, whilst this may not be the most sociable way to live at University you will be guaranteed a secure, well maintained property.

Once you have picked your preferred choice of student accommodation it is useful to consider the following points to make sure you make the best of your student property.

Signing the contract

It seems very simple but making sure you read the contract thoroughly and raise any concerns with the landlord or letting agency is essential. If you are unsure of anything then query it, gain a second opinion if necessary or seek advice, the last thing you want is to face unexpected fines or fees just because you did not read the contract properly. Take the time to read the contract properly and avoid any nasty surprises.


This is less important for students living in halls of residence and more important for house share or renting a room privately. It is easier for you to have a property to be already furnished as furnishings such as beds, sofas, cupboards, tables and chairs tend to be expensive. In addition when you tenancy agreement is up you will need to take these furnishings with you which is an additional expense, if you leave them behind then your landlord will charge you for the removal also. Try and move into a furnished property as all you will need to do move your possessions and appliances in.


When you move in your landlord will provide you with an inventory list, this will list all the items and appliances in the property prior to you moving in. Similar to the contract check this thoroughly and make a note and take pictures of any existing damage or missing items. This will protect you from losing your damage deposit when you decide to move out.


As with all accommodation location is very important. It is a good idea to situate yourself with good access to public transport and amenities. This will not only save you money but also will be useful if you have to familiarise yourself with the area and socialise.

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