Thursday, July 19, 2012

High School Football Days

It's fourth and eleven with ten seconds left on the clock. All we need is a touchdown to win the game and then we advance to a bowl game. My best friend is in at quarterback and I am right behind him at tailback. My hands are sweating as I wait for the ball to be hiked. The play that was called is a toss to the left to put the ball in my hands and hopefully bring the team to a win. The stands are silent as the ball is hiked, I swing out to the left of the line and feel the ball hit my hands. I am running with all my heart and can see the endzone twenty yards away, I have an open lane, now fifteen yards, ten, five, touchdown! I hit the endzone and throw the ball into the air. We did it! My best friend comes running up to me screaming and hollering, "we are going to a bowl game!"

That was me my senior year of high school. Our best season in school history we won ten out of twelve games that year and I can say I helped out. Football was my life and all I ever wanted to do. I always dreamed of getting scholarships to play college ball and then go pro, but of course those were dreams and none of that happened.

I started playing football when I was seven years old and played all the way through to my senior year of high school. My dad got me started on football at an early age because he played football his whole life until he broke his ankle in a game on year and that ended his career. My dad played tailback and so of course that was the only position I ever wanted to play. It wasn't easy playing tailback and you really had to prove to everyone especially the coaches that you could do it because tailback is a main aspect to the game. I took some hard hits, including having been knocked out before. I also broke quite a few bones and tore all the ligaments out of my shoulder, but I never once fumbled the ball and that's why the coaches liked me. They knew they could count on me to hold a ball until the play was over.

Now that I am out of high school and can't play football anymore I really miss it. That is my story of high school football and how I loved the sport.

Football can be a rough sport at times, but can also be the time of your life whenever you get to play under those Friday night lights. When you are on a team you meet some really good people and become friends with just about everyone. Plus all the ladies love football players! Practices are one of the worse things about playing football, but it is all worth it when that game comes around once a week.


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